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How content marketing works? A complete guide

It would be an immense pleasure for every digital marketer and content writer to know how content marketing works. Though there are several display ad platforms where the message could easily be conveyed, content marketing works ahead of it. 

Even most of the marketers prioritize beating their competitors with a workable content marketing strategy. Let’s get started with the things that you need to know. 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique that works on grabbing the customers, meeting conversion goals. Here, the marketers tend to be targeting the audience with the type of content that stands out to them. 

Now, we will be targeting each content marketing technique that helped me to perform as a content marketer. 

1- SEO Content Marketing 

SEO is the first-ever marketing technique that always stands out to me. The best thing about this technique is that I’m always able to track results. Like what from where people are coming to my content. How much time, they spent at a particular webpage and much more related to it. 

How does it work?

This technique always requires me to find the industry-related keywords that are being searched on Google. It gives me an organic opportunity to effectively market my product/services through the content I produce. Once, I’m done with keyword research, I write an informative article/guide on the particular topic and publish it on my website. 

It results in something amazing. When my keyword-oriented write-ups go ranked on Google’s first page. I find a lot of traffic coming to my website through the search engine and I say it is amazing. 

Exactly, I want to let you know how I perform content marketing here. I just push links to the services/products/contact us pages of my employer’s website. It is very organic for me to pitch such links just because I have targeted industry-related keywords. It is irresistible for an actual seeker to click on the link and pursue it. 

Different marketers stand with a diverse range of mindsets, but I always categorize SEO content marketing as the number 1 just because of its following featured benefits. 

  • High ROI 
  • Well-intended Audience 
  • Easy Conversion 
  • Easy tracking and fixing 

These are the four things that stand out to me when I pursue the SEO content marketing strategy. Here you can learn how SEO helps your business followed by a very interesting case study. 

2- Third Party Content Marketing 

How does content marketing work? If you have not still applied third party techniques of content marketing, then you are still behind. Several third-party techniques help you to market your area-specified content. 

  1. Guest posting 

Guest posting is such a content marketing technique where you publish content on third party websites. The sites could be somehow related to your niche of business or generic. Like, if you are a Fintech solution-providing company, you will outreach to some tech-related blog. 

You will responsible for providing an informative piece of content related to Fintech for such blogging, business website that invites you to publish it. Here, you can drop the links to your website organically. 

Try to make sure that your blog content revolves around some topic/keyword that people are searching for. This practice grabs referral traffic to your website through the link which you are using. 

At the same time, Google values those businesses that have a great trust flow. Meanwhile, the trust flow is measured on basis of backlinks that drive from websites other than you. Guest posting is the most valued technique for increasing the trust flow of a website.

  1. Article Submission 

Article submission is also a very important technique of content marketing. This technique allows you to find websites that invite creative and informative articles and publish them. A few well-known sites even have traffic in millions. Organically, any visitor will happen to your article/content, even to your webpages that you have mentioned/linked over there. 

The same is the case with this technique regarding the trust flow discussed in the guest posting way of third party content marketing.

3- Social Media Content Marketing 

Social Media platforms have billions of users over there. They do offer a lot of content marketing opportunities. Here, your followers/connections are your audiences. Step by step, we will discuss each platform as well. 

Linked/Facebook Content Marketing 

There are two ways how content marketing works on Facebook.

  • Organic Marketing 
  • Paid Campaigns 
  1. Organic way 

You are a business either B2B/B2C, you need to be present on Facebook. The post you are sharing over there will be shown to your page followers up to a particular time you make a post. It is the organic way of content marketing over Facebook. 

  1. Paid Campaigns 

Here content marketers customize your audience in plenty of ways. You can even target a list of emails that are present on the email. Such a level of customization is allowed to marketers from Facebook/LinkedIn.

This way you can market the content to your audience. The content marketing policy works on LinkedIn the same way; both organic and paid. 

Twitter Content Marketing 

Like it works for the Facebook and LinkedIn organic way of content marketing, it works on the Twitter accounts and the published content is shown to the followers in the form of a tweet. 

All the ways work equally on social media platforms either Instagram, Pinterest, or many more. 

4-Content Marketing through Answering Forums

Answering forums have ever been the best of way of content marketing. Like SEO you also find the related questions to the topics/services you need to market. In the response to those questions, you write something informative with the link of the webpage that you need to market.

Quora is one of the kinds of Answering forums where you can perform your content marketing techniques.

5-Email Content Marketing 

Email/direct content marketing comes with the same kind of targeting way. The marketers hit the audience in such a way that they engage with the audience in a very effective way. Their email part could be more related to problems that they are going to give a solution to. For an effective email content marketing strategy, the Content Marketing Institute’s email guide offers you an impeccable opportunity to learn from. 

The conversion copy could also be targeted directly more than this. It would be very helpful for you if you want to learn how to land conversion copies for your business

Being a content writer and digital marketer if I name point 2- Third Party Content Marketing and Point 3- Social Media content marketing collectively to be the off-page SEO, it won’t be unjust. Off-page SEO also has some techniques as well other than the point 2 and point 3 of the informative guide on how content marketing works. 

Final Word  

How does content marketing work? The guide is loaded with plenty of workable content marketing ideas. Each of them has its own significance that can’t be ignored at any cost. 

Our digital marketing experts keep coming with such industry-related topics that always stand out to our audience in terms of their workability and cohesiveness with the market. 


Does Content Marketing really work?

The content marketing literally works. If it is about the textual content marketing, Social Media, SEO, Email, Answering websites and Forum posting are the great way to market your content. Apart from Email marketing, we can cumulatively name all the techniques as off-page SEO as well.

Why does content marketing Work?

Content marketing works because people are always eager to know about their areas of interest. They keep coming with different queries to find the related content that would helpful for them. Here, different in-content opportunities emerge to market one’s products/services. That’s why content marketing works.


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