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How SEO Helps Your Business? An Imaginative Case Study

Either it is a B2B or a B2C kind of business, you need to learn how SEO helps your business. The other solution if you don’t think yourself capable of doing it, hire a capable resource. Here is the easily understandable case study. It will make you familiar with SEO and how it helps businesses to expand. 

Let’s get started with a very naïve question what is SEO?

SEO is the complete set of tools and techniques to grab the maximum organic traffic to your website from search engines. The search engine can either be Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

Now it is high time to make sense of the steps that an SEO job particularly needs you to perform. Each step would surely make you sense of how SEO helps businesses to scale with the new limits. 

Keyword Research 

The keyword is a word or combination of words that people query over the search engine. Now, the businesses that tend to focus on fetching traffic through a search engine, research their industry-related keywords. 

They tend to pick the words that are low on competition and produce quality and intent-focused content on it. 

You can be a product-oriented, service-oriented, or an ecommerce platform. 

Let’s dive into a case study to learn it better

We take the example that you are a floor-ceiling services provider in New Jersey. During keyword research, you will find the keywords like,

Ceiling services in New Jersey  880
Suspended Ceiling Services in New Jersey900
Tray Ceiling Services in New Jersey570

The keyword is the query people are putting on Google and the volume is the frequency of unique attempts people are making for this keyword. Imagine you have applied the best SEO practices on your website and become able to achieve the first ranking on your page.

Most often, the searchers focus on first three search results on Google.  But you have grabbed the first position on your services related keyword. The traffic that comes to your website can be your customer after your chat service officer applies the best conversion-oriented techniques during the chat. 

Most often, the searcher who has fallen on your website’s page will organically contact you on the available channels as well. 

These are only a few keywords just to make you sense the theme of the topic. But, when an applicable SEO is strategized for a website, there comes a lot of opportunity for keywords that could be more related to your business. 

How to SEO your Business

We are more concerned to let you know how to SEO your startup/business. The answer is as simple as never heard. There are a few SEO techniques that you need to learn on your own from the digital resource. 

  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO 

The reader’s intent looks more related to SEO services as well. Here, we offer you expert-level services related to any kind of Digital Marketing & SEO. 

Final Word 

Solutionpri keeps triggering such topics on its blog section to teach the audience on novel trends of digital marketing. From basic to professional topics, our team is highly specialized. We hope that our creative and highly adaptable case study would have made sense on your query of how SEO helps your business to grow exponentially. 


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